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Stay cool
Pulls away sweat to help keep you dry and comfortable

3-D construction helps keep you dry and reduces cling from sweat

Stay warm
Helps keep you warm and insulated

Helps keep you dry and comfortable in moderate weather conditions

STORM FIT 5,10 & 20
Helps keep you dry and comfortable in rain, sleet and snow
The seam-sealed, breathable fabric completely block wind and rain penetration at:

SRORM-FIT 5: up to 5,000mm of water pressure
STORM-FIT 10: up to 10,000mm of water pressure
STORM-FIT 20: up to 20,000mm of water pressure

At Nike sustainability is a goal for all products. Considered design represents Nike’s ongoing commitment to design innovation. When it comes to finding the best solutions for both athletes and the planet there is no finish line. We’re committed to building a better product, a better experience, and a better world because we know we can do it in a way that’s new and genuine.